Pro-Fitness Multi Sports

About Profitness

Current location at 1243 South Lake Drive is over 8000 square feet of indoor workout equipment to include thousands of pounds of free weight, selectorized machines, cross fit equipment, cardio equipment, spin bikes, indoor cycling (road bikes on trainers) and we have outdoor equipment as well.

Currently we have 4 personal trainers on hand to cover any kind of workout and fitness routine that anyone could want or need. Specializing in crossfit, powerlifting, youth fitness, bodybuilding, womens fitness, senior fitness and most of all fitness and nutrition that is sustainable, consistent and based on long term results.

Pro Fitness is the center for outdoor recreation events, equipment, training, guidance. We sell mountain bikes, road bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, running shoes, clothing and all the accessories to go with these activities.

Not only will Pro Fitness equip you for outdoor adventures, but our trainers will get you in shape to get the most out of your chosen outdoor activity. Weight training and resistance training is by far the most effective way to condition your entire body for the challenges of outdoor adventure sports.

Need a guide for a mountain bike ride or road bike trip? We can do that. Kayaking or paddleboarding on the Big Sandy river or Dewey lake? No problem. Hiking or trail running around Prestonsburg or Jenny Wiley State Park? We do that too.

Dawkins Trail information or a shuttle for you and your bike to either end of the trail is available. Group rides on the Dawkins Trail are scheduled throughout the year.

If your interest is more indoor fitness oriented, well, that's how Pro Fitness began and we have continued to build on that success. Powerlifting is how it all began, with bodybuilding and overall fitness presented at the highest level. Pro Fitness has produced and continues to produce, some of the strongest weight lifters in the country, not just the state. The atmosphere at this gym in the evening is simply electric, high intensity and addictive! We encourage and help everyone! No one is ever made to feel unwelcome or out of place at Pro Fitness, it is the thing we pride ourselves in the most: Making sure everyone gets the help and training they need, no matter what level or condition they present here, we are here to help them!

What could be new at Pro Fitness? Currently we are becoming strong advocates for bringing jobs back to eastern Kentucky by way of adventure tourism! Bike routes on our beautiful country roads. Mountain bike trails in our cities, connecting our communities, and our region through outdoor activities. The Dawkins Trail is just the beginning and our region will grow to connect other towns and communities with similar trails for hikers, runners, bicycles, and horses. We hope to encourage other business to do the same, by expanding services to include cafe's, coffee shops, micro breweries, bike rental shops, and local agriculture to supply these business.

Remember Pro Fitness is more than a gym.... it is a destination for anyone that enjoys virtually any kind of fitness or activity. If we can't answer your questions or provide what you need we will kindly recommend another business nearby or in any regional town that can!

Upcoming and regularly scheduled events to name a few: New Years Day Bike and Hike; Spring Powerlifting Meet; Spring running events too many to list!; Triathlon, Duathlon, 5K's, 1/2 marathon, Full marathon, Bike races, Trail runs, Mountain Triathlon: Kayak, Mountain bike, Trail run. There is more and we are always open to provide assistance to others in the community to help with hosting an event. We even have an electronic timing system for running and bike races that will be offered as a service in our region.

Pro Fitness has been in business for 30 years. We hope to be here for 30 more, expanding to grow with our eastern Kentucky heritage and future.