Pro-Fitness Multisports

Unleash your potential.

Are you ready to be a new, better you?

Embrace the exhilaration of change and the thrill of progress! Elevate your potential with our tailored personal training sessions and dynamic cycling classes. Say yes to a new, empowered you – where every pedal stroke and every rep propels you toward an invigorating transformation. Your journey to a stronger, fitter, and more vibrant self begins here!

About Pro-Fitness Multisports

Step into the ultimate hub for outdoor enthusiasts at Pro Fitness. Beyond being your one-stop destination for premium gear – from mountain bikes to kayaks, trail shoes to specialized attire – we’re your launchpad to peak performance.

Our expert trainers don’t just train; they sculpt and refine, ensuring you’re primed to conquer every outdoor pursuit. Embrace the power of weight and resistance training, your gateway to unlocking your body’s full potential for adventure sports.

Seeking a guide for your next biking or kayaking escapade? Look no further. Whether it’s navigating the Big Sandy river, conquering Dewey Lake, or exploring the trails around Prestonsburg or Jenny Wiley State Park – we’re your seasoned companions, ready to elevate your outdoor experience to extraordinary heights.

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Embrace the challenge, discover your strength. At Pro Fitness, we’re more than a destination; we’re a catalyst for your boldest adventures. Unleash your potential with top-notch gear and expert training, empowering you to conquer every outdoor or indoor pursuit. Elevate your limits and redefine what’s possible – dive into the extraordinary with us.


what we do

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Personal Training

Unleash your full potential with our personalized training sessions. Tailored to your goals, our expert trainers are your partners in sculpting the strongest, healthiest version of yourself. Elevate your fitness journey and conquer new heights, one session at a time.

Two men kayaking on Sooes River, Makah Bay, Washington, USA

Cycling/Kayaking Tours

Embark on unforgettable adventures with our cycling and kayaking tours. Explore scenic trails or paddle through serene waters led by experienced guides. Whether on wheels or paddles, immerse yourself in nature's beauty while embracing the thrill of exploration.

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Indoor Cycling Classes

Pedal into high gear with our exhilarating indoor cycling classes. Feel the pulse, embrace the rhythm, and experience a workout that transcends boundaries. Join our dynamic sessions and let every spin transform your fitness and mindset.


Circuit Weight-Lifting Classees

Get ready to challenge your limits in our circuit weight lifting classes. Fuel your determination and amplify your strength as you navigate through circuits designed to push you further. Elevate your power, one lift at a time.