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Get to Know Pro-Fitness Multisports

Are you ready to embark on thrilling adventures in breathtaking settings?

Step into the ultimate hub for outdoor enthusiasts at Pro Fitness. Beyond being your one-stop destination for premium gear – from mountain bikes to kayaks, trail shoes to specialized attire – we’re your launchpad to peak performance.

Our expert trainers don’t just train; they sculpt and refine, ensuring you’re primed to conquer every outdoor pursuit. Embrace the power of weight and resistance training, your gateway to unlocking your body’s full potential for adventure sports.


More than just a gym

Seeking a guide for your next biking or kayaking escapade? Look no further. Whether it’s navigating the Big Sandy river, conquering Dewey Lake, or exploring the trails around Prestonsburg or Jenny Wiley State Park – we’re your seasoned companions, ready to elevate your outdoor experience to extraordinary heights.

Discover the Dawkins Trail and our new Passage Trail with ease – we provide trail information and bike shuttle services to either end. Join our scheduled group rides throughout the year for an incredible outdoor adventure.

For those inclined towards indoor fitness, Pro Fitness has a rich legacy in powerlifting, bodybuilding, and overall fitness excellence. Our gym pulsates with an electric atmosphere in the evenings, radiating high intensity and addictive energy. We pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive environment, welcoming and supporting everyone, regardless of their fitness level or condition. At Pro Fitness, everyone receives the guidance and training they need. 

Pro Fitness Multisports

More Than a Gym, a Heartbeat of Community Transformation

Imagine the future of Pro Fitness – a powerhouse not just in fitness but in revitalizing Eastern Kentucky through adventure tourism! Picture scenic bike routes winding through our country roads and thrilling mountain bike trails linking cities, uniting communities in an outdoor haven. The Dawkins Trail marks only the start; envision a web of trails for hikers, cyclists, runners, and even horseback riders, fostering regional connections.

But we’re not stopping there. We aim to inspire businesses to join this movement, envisioning cafes, coffee shops, microbreweries, bike rentals, all supported by local agriculture. Pro Fitness isn’t just a gym; it’s a haven for every fitness enthusiast. If we can’t cater to your needs, we’ll guide you to the perfect spot nearby.

With a three-decade legacy, Pro Fitness aspires to continue evolving for another 30 years, intricately woven into Eastern Kentucky’s heritage and future. Join us on this journey of growth and community, where fitness meets the spirit of our region’s vitality.


we participate in and create many local events

Immersed in our community’s heartbeat, we actively engage in and craft diverse local events. From thrilling fitness challenges to fostering vibrant connections, we’re dedicated to curating experiences that unite and invigorate our neighborhood.

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